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Misunderstanding all I see

Correction on last entry.

Correction on last entry.

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Everyone thinks that when I said Star Wars is ridiculous, I meant the concept of the stories. Wrong.

We are doing a field show in band based off the main theme, Darth Vader's theme, and Cantina Band. That is what is ridiculous, not the actual movies/books.

  • i actually figured you meant band. then again, after enough time with my show based on Superman music, its not hard to know where you're coming from :p
    • hahaha i knew you understood, but there were other people that commented that so did not.

      superman? ouch...i thought we had it rough. it wouldnt be so bad if woodwinds knew what the hell we were doing
      • it was Red Cape Tango and Bizzaro, Rapid Eye Movement, my senior year show. definately one of the pits proudest moments. we kicked ASS that year.
  • dammit now my list is back to like, zero, again
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