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Misunderstanding all I see

No tactful way to say this...

No tactful way to say this...

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For the time being...

  • i get to stay, right? ;_;
    • yes<3. of course. you are my only lesbian lover!

      yay<3 i love you. teehee, you were never unfriended
  • (Anonymous)
    *love*. i hope you enjoy it in Georgia:)
  • That's beautiful.

    comment comment comment comment comment comment comment!
    • dude, everyone that was a friend before stays. you are still a friend <3. dude, plus, if i unfriended you, you would be like the only RA on duty when i lock my keys in my room, which we both know is going to happen, and then you would be like..."so, you didnt friend me, and this is what you get! to stand outside of your room! *evil sarah snickers*"
  • tricky! i feel like i'm a member of an exclusive club... a "Heather's LJ Friends that get to read her stuff" club, if you will.

    and i know you will
  • i have a question is there a way i can go back and change my whole lj to friends only?
  • heh, wait, we're supposed to tell people when we're friends only? whoops.
    • we arent, i just opted to in case there were any people who were not my friends yet who wanted to read.
  • i said i'd make one for you! but you didn't tell me what you wanted!!
    • lol im sorry, i just decided to go looking and i found that one...

      but if you wanna make me one, just make it look pretty...and witty...

      ...and gay?

  • I'm still a friend, right?

    I mean, because if I'm not, I'm gonna break your kneecap.

    I'm Italian like that.
    • you are my favorite italian

      and you were never unfriended!

      cant wait to see you

      what are the details on that pool thing you mentioned over in the lobby of hosch
      • Unfortunately, it's not going to happen. See, they trick you by listing in the official rules and bylaws that the only requirement is a $25 deposit for a party. Right? So it seems reasonable.

        Then you find out that the catch is you have to hire a lifeguard for $20 an hour.

        And there was much skeptical laughter.
        • poop.

          combat with brent, ehh? hot shit. have fun.
          • Yeah, sucks that combat's during the required theatre classes for freshman.

            In response to your latest post: Sunday the 20th, after I move in and unpack and get settled at least a little bit, I'm kidnapping you and taking you out, feeding you well, and letting you vent. Because, my dear, believe me, I can understand at least the problem of feeling like you don't have a home to go back to anymore.
            *huge hugs*
  • I hope I'm still a friend. :) When can we do lunch?
    • yes, you were never unfriended. lol, orange juice apple juice lovin

      thursday afternoon before pool thing? i vote pool thing on thursday
      • sounds good... must talk to vik and get those details. take off whole day or just half? hmmmm.

        hehe remember that tshirt we saw? "better drink apple juice cause OJ might kill you"

  • OK, I added you!

    Now add me!
  • btw....do you have AIM?

    if you do, my sn is montypythongeek1.
  • oh i have msn messanger.
    aim sucks compaired to msn messanger
    you should try it. if you dont like it you can always delete it.
    well my msn messanger is i_wear_a_tie@hotmail.com if you decide to get it if not ttyl.
  • HELLO!

    HEATHEEEEEER!!! It is I Anna o_o I want to be your friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiend...I mean on lj :D I love you and miss you ^_^ anyway stay in touch. Peace out homie ^_~

  • add me! we met each other at firespark by greg. we both live (or from) in the same area (haha metro dc.. ur MD and im VA 'member?)
    so please add?
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