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Misunderstanding all I see



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  • (Anonymous)
    Who cares?

    Does that make you better than anyone else? No. No is does not.

    I liked it before the movie too. I took someone who did not like Rent before the movie with me when I went to see it. They like Rent now. It's just one more thing we can share. I think that is a good thing.

    Maybe some people had never heard of Rent before they saw previews for the movie. Once they saw the movie, I'm sure they lliked it too.

    You aren't as cool as you think.

    The movie was good. Maybe you could make an image that says "I liked how Rent the movie has made new Rent fans that can relate to something that I have loved for a long time. Thank you Rent movie producers!"

    Take a tip from the show or the movie, whichever you prefer. Measure in LOVE.

    Bragging about something that isn't worth bragging about is not love. Bragging period is not love.

    Jonathan Larson would be honored that someone wanted his show to become a movie that attracted people to a great story and lesson who otherwise would have possible not been able to experince it.

    Jonathan Larson would not be honored to have you as a fan.

    Enjoy wasting your holier-than-thou attitude on this beautiful day.
    • i'll bet you're pretty proud of yourself for this little essay that you arent even willing to take credit for. its pretty easy to be a nameless person running around saying what you want, isnt it?

      i know full well Heather is not the type of person who hates the new Rent fans or anything. i know full well she is happy to see it as a movie and she was very pleased with how they did it and was happy to see it came out very well. i dont think she is trying to play herself off as better then anyone else. its a common feeling that when something you like gets popular, you think to yourself "hey, i liked this before it got huge". i think it about some things all the time. no, im not bragging when i tell other people this. im not trying to make myself seem cooler. its just a personal accomplishment for me and i like to share those. in no means am i playing down anyone else's enjoyment.

      for someone who seems to put such a strong emphasis on love, you sure did ruin the mood by running in and bashing her a whole lot without even leaving a name.

      Jonathan Larson would probably be honored to have die hard fans. i doubt that he would complain if one was happy to know his show for a long time and be proud of it. of course, i say probably because i didnt know him personally, but the way you talk sure makes it seem like you do. assumptions are powerful tools.

      enjoy wasting everyone's time with your silly little speeches on this windy day.
  • LOL. wow, someone has a stick up their ass. Also, congratulations on not having the balls to post your name and the sense of humor to realize that it's a joke.

    For myself, I take the same sort of pride in having read and loved all the Lord of the Rings books before the movie ever made millions. I also loved the movies and I like that the movies probably encouraged lots more people to read Tolkien.
  • I just personally think that it's funny that you have no idea who I am and that I found this funny, not serious.
    • that much i didnt know. you know how i am about Full Metal Alchemist, whenever i hear people talking about it i get a kick out of remembering the first week it ever aired and how i picked it up, never expecting it to be like the biggest show ever in a year. then we all talk about the show and enjoy waiting for the movie. i figured it was a similar feeling.
      • you didn't expect that o.O?

        anyway; i thought this banner was cute ^^;; i kinda wish you all had just ignored anonymous though. as you can see, s/he is excited about responses.

        i feel this way about a lot of the things i like...anime in general, a lot of video games, linkin park ^^;, on and on..

        now if after the banner you had added in something like AND THIS MEANS I'M A BETTER FAN THAN YOU i probably would have been offended. but you didn't and i seriously doubt you had that thought.

        i haven't seen the movie yet; but i'll assume that like HP, parts have been taken out that...i hope people go beyond the movie XD
  • What a stuck-up bitch. Heather, I think your Rent thingy rocks, and just because of that nameless person, I'm going to stick it on my LJ too! Thanks for introducing me to Rent! I *still* haven't seen the movie, but I'm going to see it Friday with Genevieve. I cannot wait another minute. Much love!

    ~<3 Gina
  • There are two kinds of people in the world: people who are happy, and people who like to piss on the happy people's parades.

    Commenter #1 is the latter. They are obviously miserable with their own life, so they feel the need to piss on yours. To this person, I recommend they fuck off, and you keep your cute little sign thingy on your journal.

    Because they preach about the message Rent sends, but they don't follow it at all. If Commenter #1 is a Rent follower, and Rent is about love, then that comment would never have been made.

    As you probably learned in math, if A=B and B=C, then A=C, right? Well, in this equation:

    Rent=Love, Commenter #1=hate, However Rent does not equal Commenter #1.

    I think they need to watch the movie again or go see the play or at least read the script and get a freakin' clue.
  • (Anonymous)
    What fun reactions.

    I'm not afraid to leave my name, my name wouldn't do you a damn bit of good.

    Funny how you think I don't know you when you've said very hurtful things in my company to the person that I love most.

    My comment was not filled with hate, simply the desire for you to realize that this is not something to be this proud of.

    And to you- I didn't mean beautiful as in the weather.

    P.S. You have no idea how much I know about love.
    • leaving the name may not do me any good personally, but at least says something about you.

      i dont care how you meant beautiful, just like you didnt particularly care about why Heather posted it, as it seems to have been in jest but you took it very seriously.

      you dont express yourself well if you didnt mean for this to sound hateful.

      you speak as if love was something you learn about in a text book and you have mastered it. everyone's knowledge of the subject is different. the way you speak to me sounds like you're acting like you're some sort of divine being who knows the ways of love and is trying to save Heather from her own evil ways. as these comments have proven, you seem to be on the wrong track.
    • Okay, I have no idea about how much you love...but you seem to think that you know alot about the way that I love...how is that? I think you "know" me, but you dont know the real me.

      I strongly suggest you and I have a discussion outside of livejournal. If you aren't too much of a coward to use your name on AIM, hit me up sometime.
    • Dude...

      Chill it, man (or woman, whatever you are). No one hates anyone else. Everyone is a bit of a purist, deep down inside. Don't hate. You could use some prozac...or heavy drugs...or group hugs!

      (viva la vie boheme)
      • Re: Dude...

        Ah Vikki, I knew you'd have something to say about this. Group hugs all around!

        and viva la vie boheme, indeed
  • I had a similar reaction but assumed that Heather didn't mean any malice.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    that was going to be my take. it would have been cuter and funnier if:
    A) anonymous people didn't deflate the mood of this post
    B) i didn't delete photoshop from my computer after experiancing guilt for posessing software for which I did not pay.
  • Man, maybe I shouldn't have made that RENT banner in the first place...

    (♥ ya!)
  • To be honest, I haven't seen it yet. I would rather see it in theater first, but I don't really have the money, so I guess it's $7 to go watch it on the big screen.
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